There’s a bottle of gin for £10 in Aldi and it’s just been crowned one of the best in the world

It beat gin four times the price

You can now get one of the world’s best gins from Aldi for just £9.97.

Aldi’s Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin won gold at the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Challenge. The £10 gin even beat Foxhole London Dry Gin, a bottle worth nearly four times as much as Aldi’s at £39.95, which received a silver medal.

The medial is just one of twenty that the budget supermarket chain won. As well as a big win as ‘Supermarket Own Brand Spirits Range of the Year’ for their entire range.

A spokesperson at the International Spirits Challenge said that Aldi’s big win "demonstrates that you don’t have to compromise on price to enjoy great tasting drinks."

Now you know your summer gin and tonics can taste just as good as the branded stuff at a bargain price.