These are the cheapest places to go to university in the UK

Shock it’s not London

Cardiff is the most affordable place to be a student in the UK, closely followed by Aberdeen and Durham. While the Welsh students spend the most on alcohol, Durham students get the most money from their parents.

The findings were calculated by Natwest using their Student Living Index, which surveyed 3,500 students across the country to determine the most affordable place to study. The survey takes into account a range of factors, from how much students spend on essential  food, rent and bills, to how much time they spend studying, working and socialising.

The national average for the student index was 0.68, Cardiff and Aberdeen both scored under 0.5. The same two unis also had the highest income during term time, but Cardiff and Aberdeen students tended to earn that from part-time jobs, Durham students tended to receive it from their parents.

You can find the student index ranking below:

[infogram id=”_/8jS3BohZtcfXBxQuH2MW” prefix=”0ED” format=”interactive” title=”natwest student index”]