Revealed: The universities where students get the most money from their parents

Find out who’s getting by on Daddy’s money

Ever wonder how some of your mates manage to get through uni without a care in the world for money? Let us tell you where people pad their bank balances with a little help from mum and dad.

After surveying students nationwide, The Natwest Student Living Index has revealed the universities where students get the most money from their parents.

Durham tops the list, with students receiving an average of £412.90 from their parents or family each month. Oxford comes in second, with students receiving £376.50 per month. Rivals Cambridge can claim some bragging rights – pocketing over £100 less than the other pillar of Oxbridge each month lets Gideon and Tarquin insist they’re not that posh.

No sense spending the money on textbooks.

Surprisingly, Aberdeen rounds out the top three. Perhaps it’s guilt money sent to make up for never visiting the uni that’s literally as far away as you can get from Guildford.

These are all well above the UK student average of £205.20.

At the bottom of the list sit Hull, Plymouth, and Norwich. Receiving £129.20 each month from your parents is nothing to be sniffed at, but it’s not quite adequate compensation for being in Hull.

See how your uni fared below:

[infogram id=”the_universities_where_students_receive_the_most_money_from_their_parents” prefix=”fsV” format=”interactive” title=”The universities where students receive the most money from their parents”]

Featured image: Alisdair Harriss