Someone has organised a ‘Summer Terrace Party’ on the rooftop of Dalston McDonald’s

Supersize the beats

All our dreams have come true: someone’s organised a rave at the McDonald’s in Dalston.

Over 2,000 people have said they’re going to the event, called the “Dalston McDonalds Summer Terrace Party,” on July 7th.

The event has been organised by promoters at Turn It Up to celebrate the opening of a roof terrace at the Maccy Ds. Attendees are told to “bring nuggets.”

On the Facebook event people are spreading rumours, speculating: “I heard Corbyn is opening for Hamburglar, huge if true,” and asking what time the rave will finish so they can plan their 6am McMuffin.

With 5,000 more people interested in the event, it might be a tight squeeze – and the event warns there is only “limited seating available.”

You can click attending to the event here.