The true winners of the election are the creators of great, vintage Simpsons memes

‘I’m a white male aged 18-49, everybody listens to me, no matter how dumb my suggestions are’

You know that a General Election was fought on the battleground of the internet when you watch Andrew Marr, baffled at 1am, pronouncing “memes” really slowly as he explains why young people are voting for Labour.

Nobody really thought that they were worth understanding though, before a huge youth vote turnout meant they suddenly had to try to decode the information superhighway and the jokes the kids make on it. That was foolish, for obvious reasons – not only did the mainstream media underestimate young people’s impact on the election, they also missed out on the best part of it, memes like these:

Of those, the vintage Simpson variety is by far the best. To be fair, they’d been gaining traction for a while. Ever since Trump took office something about the humble days of Simpsons seasons one through eight has resonated with our cynical, rattled 2017 souls. Maybe we hanker for better days – both in Simpsons writing and politics. Whatever the reason, it’s been nice to have the light relief.

Whatever happens with the rest of today, whether that’s a miracle PM spot for The Boy or Theresa May teaming up with possibly the only leader worse than her, Arlene Foster, then we know the true winner of the past few weeks: the humble Simpsons meme.

May she reign.