Who should I vote for today? Take a quiz based on actual policy

Obviously the same as your dad

There are many ways to decide who gets your vote. You can plump for who you think’s going to be best at governance. Cast it arbitrarily based on your preferences for steak bakes, chicken triples and the heat of a Nando’s. Maybe you’re old fashioned and stick with mum, dad and the boys across the platform. Or, finally, you could make a decision based on policy. Scary I know.

This general election presents young people with a tangible opportunity to change the country’s political picture. Most of the polls that put Labour close to the Conservatives rely on a high youth voter turn out in their methodology. That’s because 1.5 million young people registered this year, a record. It equates to 1.5 million people capable of leaving their mark, squarely branded on the flank of this country’s history.

If you’re not going to vote that’s fine. It’s just as much your right to do so as it is to not. You might hate our democratic institutions, sickened by the political process and its careerist cogs made in Oxbridge. You don’t want to give your tacit consent to that process. I understand. But one thing that we absolutely cannot abide, is apathy.