For the love of God please stop thanking brands on Instagram for the clothes you’ve obv just bought yourself

‘Thanks Topshop, love my new jeans!’


Instagram’s full of all sorts of irritating people, isn’t it?

There’s the fitness accounts of yogi’s eating carefully prepared breakfast bowls, and the celebrities doing weird poses like the bambi pose or ribcage bragger to make them look skinnier.

Then there are the shite accounts full of blurry pics which are meant to look like the user doesn’t care about their aesthetic, when really they probably care the most out of everyone on Insta. Then there’s the run-of-the-mill grammers who just have normal, nice snaps.

Alongside these irritable social media hounds is a secret place in the Instagram hall of hell, a place for those who post a picture of their Westfield shopping trip contents with a caption personally thanking the brands for the clothes.

“Thanks soooo much @Topshop! Love my new blouse, heels and Joni jeans – summer here I come!”, the post will read, usually followed by some ‘xoxo’ to look like there is a personal connection between the normal human being trying to pass off as a fashion blogger and the brand. You’re fooling no one sista.

But WHY? From the average 30 likes per post and IKEA duvet cover backdrop running through the feed, it’s clear you’re unlikely to be the first person on Topshop’s influencers list to send a bundle of free clothes to.

Although the worst of these offenders are the people who have over 2,000 followers meaning you don’t instantly jump to calling bullshit on their attention-seeking ‘look at me!’ post.

They’re the type who use VSCO cam (Hypebeast filter is their go-to) and manage to get 150 likes on a below-average looking coffee because they captioned it ‘decaf soya milk macchiato’. You know deep down they definitely aren’t being endorsed by Skinny Dip when they upload a mirror selfie pic with the caption “thanks Skinny Dip, love my new case!”, but a little part of you thinks “but what if…..”

So now not only are you jealous of their perfect feed with triple figure likes, you’re now wasting time questioning whether they are an ambassador for all your favourite brands – by the end of all the scrolling you’ve probably convinced yourself they are, and that you should start thanking Zara and Mac for all your purchases in the hope you’re flagged on the system.

But seriously now, what’s there to thank? We’re the ones who have just spent £100 on three tops in Topshop and now can’t afford to go out the next weekend. I mean if  anything, they should be thanking us.