You’ll never look as good as this week’s best dressed on campus

They still look fiyah in the library

Yeah it might be exam season, yeah you might be living in the library and yeah, you are pretty stressed out – but that’s no reason not to fix up. If anything, getting this dolled up is just another form of procrastination from your revision.

Here’s this week’s best dressed on campus, diss hand-in pics included.

Rhea, fourth year, Graphics, Leeds

Catherine, French and Italian, Birmingham

Eddie, fresher, English Lit, Leeds

Navdeep, fresher, Dentistry, Leeds

Nicola English, third year, Property Development, Portsmouth

Mei, Glasgow

Kuda, Sunny, Joshua, freshers, Computer Science, Leeds

Sophie Dhaliwal, third year, English Language, Portsmouth

Hamish, third year, Philosophy, Leeds

Amal, Accounting, Glasgow

Ashely, second year, Management and Mo, second year, Bio science

Sophie, fourth year, English Lit, Leeds

Lizzie, fresher, Classics, Leeds

Josh Wilson, third year, Accounting and Business, Portsmouth