How to combine your love of fashion and hatred of Conservatives with these chic items

Fashion for people who hate fascists I guess

We’ve seen a lot of unlikely fashion icons emerge this year, from tiny bespectacled Marion Kelly to the bros who wear rompers, and now, this baby who really hates Conservatives.

If, like this baby, you too want to display your precocious hatred of Tory Britain in your sartorial choices, then you’re in luck! There’s a lot of politically minded choices you can make to get you through the next three weeks of Corbyn bashing. These are just a few:

Fuck the Tories sweatshirt

Fuck the tories necklace

Bun the Tories t shirt

Vote Labour Stranger Things t shirt

Corbyn Adidas t shirt

Jeremy Corbyn ‘nice bloke’ leggings

Jeremy Corbyn weird face leggings

Vote Jezza t shirt