Revealed: The amount of students at your university voting Tory

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On June 8th, the UK will take to the polls and Theresa May’s Tories are predicted a huge victory. And if you aren’t happy about that, relying on the student vote probably isn’t going to be enough.

Despite slashing maintenance grants, upping fees to £9,000 and just generally never having been the choice of students, 27 per cent of respondents to our survey are going to vote for the Conservatives.

In The Tab’s Snap Election Survey of 10,000 students, we found almost half of some universities will for Tory next month. At Reading, 50 per cent said they’ll vote Tory. Oxford Brookes had a similar figure at 48 per cent. King’s came in third with 37 per cent.

At the other end of the spectrum, Sussex had the smallest population of student Tory voters with just 15 per cent. How does your uni rank?