You can now drink gin with ‘pure collagen’ in it which promises to make everyone look younger, because why not

Will it make my lips bigger though

It might turn us all into psychopaths, and it probably makes you cry, and there’s always that one rumour that it helps you lose weight that you never truly believe, but really, nothing will make you drink less gin. Everyone loves gin.

Because of the gin epidemic, much like robots gin continues to evolve and improve itself. Case in point: CollaGin, the special type of gin that’s laced with collagen, and supposedly helps you look younger. Obviously that’s not a huge concern for most of us at the minute, but maybe it’ll make your lips bigger too? Collagen and fillers are expensive after all, and CollaGin is only £35.

Made in the UK, the company says it’s “the world’s first gin distilled with pure collagen”. Describing it as a “skin and tonic”, makers Young and Spirit say: “CollaGin is the beauty drink du jour. With an elegant and refined taste, this unique recipe has stayed true to the principles of a classic gin but with a rejuvenating twist of anti-ageing botanicals such as star anise, pink grapefruit and orris, with the innovative addition of pure collagen.”

The company also says that ingesting collagen is better than taking it in tablet or cream form: “Topical collagen just affects one specific area of the body, but ingestible collagen helps with overall healthy skin. Physical appearance begins on the inside.

“Sipping collagen, rather than applying it topically or injecting it, provides the entire body with the building blocks it needs to support the creation and repair of the body’s connective tissues – a process that starts to break down once you hit your mid-20s. Providing your entire system with collagen can help kick start it again.”

Guess I can cancel the back alley lip fillers I had planned for the summer and just get drunk instead.