All the infuriating little things girls with small boobs will never understand

No you can’t squidge them

Having big boobs is like a double edged sword. They look great, are impeccable storage units and keep you afloat in water – but as any large-breasted girl will tell you, they’re a real pain in the ass. Back pain, quadroboob, people constantly honking your titties, having massive boobs isn’t easy. From the impossible task of bra shopping to the things you can’t wear – here’s everything girls with small boobs will never have to endure:

Finding a nice bra that will actually support you is impossible

You’re tired of hearing people say the exact same thing to you

Every outfit manages to look sexual no matter how hard you try

You’ll gather a mound of crumbs in your bra every time you eat anything

People are constantly squeezing them

You can’t wear long necklaces

You’re used to getting horrible marks from where your bra strap tried to kill you

You need a deodorant for your underboob

When you’ve got a bra as big as yours, you might as well use it as a storage unit

And big boobs = big back pain

You can’t run the tiniest distance or walk up any stairs without preparing

It’s hard to find a bra that doesn’t give you four boobs

And button-up shirts are the devil

Illustrations copyright of babe by Daisy Bernard.