A round up of the loosest, most rowdiest Varsity games this year

Darts is a dangerous game

It is safe to say this year’s Varsity games across the UK have been absolute carnage, with one uni describing their event as the “most explosive Varsity in history”.

Rising tension between opposition teams resulted in the majority of this year’s Varsity’s turning into violence: matches have been cancelled, bottles have been thrown, people have been hospitalised, the police have made an appearance at most of the events and brawls have become a normality.

It’s been classic.

Here’s a round up of the loosest events that have occurred this year.


Sussex descended into chaos at the men’s football match around 12pm, when Brighton began burning Sussex banners.

By the time the match reached half-time the whole thing was brought to a halt due to bottles being thrown and fans invading the pitch. It was so mental a policeman literally said “campus isn’t safe anymore because of the violence” – probs a bit of an exaggeration.

The Co-op on campus actually got closed down due to the rowdiness, and the campus shop selling drinks had to stop serving as everybody was throwing bottles. All of the commotion happened within a few hours, which resulted into the men’s rugby being cancelled.



At Dartsity, Uni of Sheffield vs. Hallam’s answer to Darts Varsity, there were punches, chairs and pints being thrown.

In front of a crowd of 800, fights broke out between Uni of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam fans, after Hallam fans allegedly threw a pint over the Sheffield captain as he celebrated his 4-1 victory.

Inevitably chaos ensued in the darts hall, and the security guards actually had to intervene and eventually the police were called. As you would expect, we’ve included some juicy footage of the fighting. Enjoy.

Who knew students were so passionate about darts?


We’ll keep this one short and sweet, like this killer take-down.


In another spectacular display of Varsity violence, at Liverpool and LJMU’s head-to-head a fight broke out between the players. Getting into the spirit of things, a further 45 supporters charged in.

Look out for your mates in the video below:


From Edinburgh we received a story that was a little more positive. A brave fresher jumped the barrier before sprinting across the pitch with multiple security guards on his tail.

He made it round the posts, and even back to the stands, finally grabbed by a security man as his friends tried to pull him back in. Not all heroes wear capes, but most of them go to uni in Edinburgh.


Unfortunately the Bristol Varsity was soured by hugely sexist chants at the rugby and fighting. Flares were being thrown onto the pitch and at the end of the game riot vans had turned up and supporters were having to be held back by security.

Additionally the water polo match was affected by more violence with one of the Bristol players suffering a broken nose, and cut to the head and ending up in hospital.

The punches themselves were thrown in the water and one of the UWE players said “I’ve seen worse injuries in training”.

Awh hun x

And for Oxford and Cambridge, we’ll just leave this one here.

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