Forget about that Beauty and the Beast film immediately because apparently Beyonce is in the new Lion King remake

Now, NOW I am invested in this money making machine

Let’s be honest, Beauty and the Beast was an overhyped juggernaut that was actually pretty shit. We live and we learn. Anyway, there’s going to be a live action Lion King remake so let’s focus on that instead and try to forget that we all consumers, mere cogs in the Hollywood machine that rumbles on, ruining our childhoods and collecting our money.

So yeah, Donald Glover has already signed on to be the voice of Simba while Earl Jones is reprising his role as the original Mufasa. It all sounds pretty standard until you hear that Beyonce could be voicing Nala, the fit female lion, remember her?

Director Jon Favreau told Variety that despite being pregnant with twins he hopes Beyonce, as his top choice, would sign on to voice the character in his remake, which is currently being fast-tracked due to the success of the bizarrely unwatchable Beauty and the Beast remake.

So no, nothing is technically confirmed yet, but just like a droplet of blood in a body of water can attract a frenzy of hungry sharks, so the same can happen with the tiniest inkling of Beyonce news and the rabid response of her fans on Twitter. There’s been a lot of this:

If you take internet gossip as gospel – which you should as it’s the only way to live your life – this means one thing: It’s true!*

*Maybe. I dunno.