Exclusive: A student rugby team planned a sleep with ‘a fatty’ competition for their social

‘Fatty’ referred to ‘higher poundage girls’

A student rugby team planned a “fuck a fatty competition” for a social to celebrate the end of the Six Nations two weeks ago.

In a post to the team’s private Facebook group, a member from Cardiff’s Physics and History rugby team explained the day’s schedule for the final of the Six Nations, including one of the members attempting a “five pitcher challenge”, which was described as a “twist” to the day’s “antics”.

The second half of the post moved on to the evening plans. Although the plans were “yet to be decided”, the team member said he was “sure it’ll be something along the lines of ‘fuck a fatty’ competition!”

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Members were described as “contenders” whose confidence had improved with “higher poundage girls”.

The post read: “Plans for after the rugby are yet to be decided, but im sure it’ll be something along the lines of ‘fuck a fatty’ competition! Contenders that over the last few weeks have grown in their confidence to handle the higher poundage girls! Anyone willing to take on the pound for pound king X make your presence felt!”

A spokesperson for the Cardiff Physics and History rugby team fully denied the competition actually happened, claiming it to be a “personal joke” between team members.

They said: “In regards to the “fuck a fatty competition” this absolutely did not happen and was not meant as a suggestion. It was one of the guys trying to make a personal joke aimed at one of the other boys. We would never even think of let alone suggest doing something as objectifying and unacceptable as that.”

The Physics and History IMG rugby team are not affiliated with Cardiff University, or Cardiff University Students’ Union.