The most middle-class-mum tweets about the end of free coffee at Waitrose

Vanessa blames Brexit

There’s nothing that can set middle-class Twitter alight like a change in Waitrose’s Terms of Conditions. Yesterday, Waitrose announced that customers will be required to make a purchase before being given their free coffee.

Forget the ‘freeloaders’, spare a thought for the middle-class mums who need their warm caffeinated beverage to get them through their quinoa based shop.

Take Gill, complete with cat display picture, for example:

She is not happy with this change at all, indeed.

Make up your mind, Waitrose!

Queue Rachael, sniping into the conversation with her views on unnecessarily drinking coffee while shopping:

Was she @-ed? No, but she’ll put in her two cents about Gill’s shopping habits anyway.

The Independent asked if there really was “chaos in Surrey”:

Vanessa asks if this is to do with #brexit ?:

My heart breaks thinking about the moment Patricia hears x:


Some have even relished the change. Agy is excited about reduced queuing:

While Char responded, telling Twitter she is forever buying avocados, to accompany her coffee, bless her soul:

Does she realise there’s an avocado war going on in Mexico? Probably not.

Leanne knew it was coming:

And Bex and Rachel have even found a way to con the system:


Waitrose have defended the move, stating they are “simply” amending the terms of free coffee:

But one thing is clear: for the middle-class mums of Twitter, there is nothing “simple” about this horrible twist of fate.