When is Mother’s Day 2017? Thank me for warning you now

Show yo’ momma how much you love her

Just when IS Mother’s Day 2017? This is the moment when you go “oh shit” – it’s this Sunday.

Mothering Sunday is the 26th March, 2017, the third Sunday of Lent.

To get you in the Mother’s Day mood, I asked a lot of nice boys why they love their mummies, and what they’re getting them.

Note: if you’re American, Mother’s Day is Sunday May 14, so chill out.

Josh, 22

I think the thing I admire most about my mum is her amazing power of spirit. From overcoming serious mental illness, to beating cancer twice, to trying for over 10 years to have children, she’s been through far more than most women will ever experience. She’s worked in tough, demanding professional jobs and handled situations I can’t even begin to imagine. Despite dealing with all this as well as managing a household on a budget, I think I managed to turn out kind of OK. For that, and for so many other things I’ll be forever grateful.  Happy Mothers Day mum!

Oli, 23

This woman taught me what it means to work hard and that the only appropriate response to someone who says you can’t do something is “fuck you”. Today I visited her newly opened café for the first time. So, mum, the world is now your lobster.

And to everyone who said she couldn’t do it, fuck you.

mothers day 2017 oli dugmore mother

Joshi, 28

I love my mum because she is fierce, and she’s an eccentric, and she dgaf what people think about her, and she’s built a Facebook page about beekeeping  up to 33,000 fans in the space of a year.

joshi herrmann mother bees mothers day 2017

Bobby, 23

My mum once told me a story, something which happened while she was working as a receptionist in the ’70s. Her boss was typical of the time, as in, a bit of a pig. She was reading a book on her lunch break one day, minding her own business, when in he walks and sees her; the silly little receptionist. “What are you reading Ann, War & Peace?” he snorts, gaining some guffaws from the other men in the room. She looks at him, deadpan, and replies: “Yes, actually.”

I’ve often pictured his dumbstruck face as she held up the cover of the Tolstoy novel she was devouring. That’s my mum, though – not only is she immensely clever, she’d never let anyone try and put her in her place. I respect her for that, and I respect her for putting up with me all these years, and I respect her for always, constantly being right, about everything, every time, no matter how much it infuriates me. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without her (and she’ll never let me forget it).

On the day itself, I’m going home for a lovely Sunday roast and buying her a big bunch of flowers

mothers day 2017 bob palmer mother

Jack, 27

I love my mum because she is unbelievably intelligent, caring and fun. She taught me all of the important skills I have, including how to read, how to love, and how to not wet the bed. She also bequeathed me the looks of a fresh-faced 14-year-old girl for the rest of my life, which is the greatest gift of all.

I’ve got her a card from papier.com featuring a picture of both of us.

mothers day 2017 jack rivlin mother

Charlie, 22

I love my mum because she loves to drink gin and watch films with me. She’s a real legend, and helps me out whenever I need any advice. I’m getting her a big bunch on flowers.

charlie capel mother's day 2017 mother

Bradley, 26

How many mothers can you go to Glasto with? She’s the one.

As she has everything, I’ve got her a book on growing produce and some fancy spoons. And another surprise.

mothers day 2017 bradley vanstone mother

Happy Mother’s Day to the mums of the world!