Here’s a cropped sweater with ‘Anal?’ written on it that’s currently on sale because that’s how low fashion has sunk

Every day we stray further and further away from God’s light

In a world where slogan shirts like this from the devil that is Forever 21 are fully accepted, it makes sense in a way, that we’ve come this far.

We’ve now strayed so far from God’s light that more than caps that say “I came to break hearts” or bomber jackets with “badass beotch” embroidered on them aren’t enough. Instead you can buy this cropped sweater which advertises your appreciation for anal.

This is a real jumper sold in a real shop 🙈 #romance #mystery #wearingyourbumholeonyoursleeve

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This stylish investment piece, which you’ll presumably wear in tagged Facebook photos where your mum comments “Darling????? What is this???” and in public where small children will squint at it in confusion, could be yours for just $41.

It was posted on Instagram by presenter Jameela Jamil last night, and is being sold by Wine Stained Blouse, an online company seemingly specialising in lowkey timeless looks. They also sell t-shirts featuring the slogans “WTF – where’s the food” and “I’m not a princess, I’m a rockstar!” as well as a swimsuit which says “WINE O’CLOCK”.

Every day in this cruel world we stray further and further away from God’s light.