‘After a few drinks she was up for anything’: A store has been forced to remove this offensive card after women complained

They’ve issued an apology

Clintons Cards have pulled an offensive birthday card from its shops after people complained on Twitter.

The card showed a picture of a bear lying on its back with its legs in the air, with the caption: “After a few BIRTHDAY DRINKS… She was up for pretty much ANYTHING!”

Women like Lucy Dunn called them out on Twitter,  saying: “Happy birthday to any woman who ‘deigns’ to have a drink on their birthday.”

There was split opinion, with some saying it was “Vile” and others that it was “Absolutely fine.”

Clintons quickly apologised for the oversight and have stated that they’ll be removing the card from their stores.

They said: “This card will now be removed from sale in our stores. We apologise for any offence caused.”

Some have thanked the company for removing the card, while others wonder why it was even stocked in the first place.