QUIZ: Are you the right side of posh?

There’s a point where it gets a bit sinister

Just like human sexuality, political beliefs or colours, poshness can be plotted on an incredibly wide-ranging spectrum. From the lower-middle class and their weekends at Longleat Centre Parcs to the incredibly posh and their Highland retreats, there are myriad different types of posh. Often the lines are blurred, the boundaries between upper middle class and lower upper class visible only to those who know the different grades of crystal stemware.

But what is much more certain, is the belief that you can be too posh. There’s a point where it becomes a bit dark. The difference between crew dates and The Riot Club, shooting a pheasant and wringing its neck with your bare hands, Prince Harry in Vegas and Prince Harry as a Nazi. But where do you stand on this fine, fine line?