Woah, we’re halfway there, woah-oh, clubbers of the week

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Another Monday rolls around. Yet another week comes to an end. And, like the inexorable approach of death, another Clubbers of the Week article slopes onto your news feed.

Hey, at least it’s funny! Here are the best clubbers in the UK this week.

‘Your dad’ of the week

Bet he sells Avon

The lengths people will go to for Supreme eh


Oh no, looks like your little brother and his mates found the secret stash of Fanta!

After that much sugar they won’t sleep till midnight!

Milo’s friends are helping him during this tough time

What happened to free speech man

No-one told me 5ive were getting back together

But where’s Ritchie?

Nothing to see here, just four likely lads playing a game of chess


She’s CANCELLED her Coachella appearance?

But I mortgaged my house for those tickets

Please, my wife, she’s very sick

She hasn’t changed position in two days

Welcome to Gringotts, Mr Potter

It’s the premier bank of the wizarding world

Ah, the universal symbol for love

So sweet

Is anyone even still reading this?

One’s enough, I’ll continue

This tiny man wants to give you his heart

It’s no bigger than a quarter but it’s as full as Fort Knox

When the club ain’t fun and Clubbers of the Week ain’t funny

Maybe next week?