Gucci just did a fashion week show with models covered head to toe in glitter and I’m dead

No but like their whole bodies are covered in glitter do you understand

In case you haven’t noticed we are in the midst of fashion week, which means really great Instagram stories from models you cry over while eating Doritos out of your hand, and really strange and often beautiful fashion trends.

Sometimes the strange fashion trends are hell on earth and should never be spoken of again – like Christopher Kane’s faux fur croc monstrosities from last week. Other times they are incredible, like Gucci’s full body suits made of glitter. Gucci’s show at Milan Fashion Week had, to be clear, models covered head to toe in glitter and I think the excitement gave me a minor stroke.

Described as a mixture between “Wes Anderson and Stranger Things”, it’s basically the embodiment of what everyone wants to look like when they’re drunkenly smearing glitter on their cheekbones before a festival. If you were good at glitter, this is what you’d look like. The next time I go to a festival I will be wearing a full glitter bodysuit a la Gucci.

Vogue said of the collection: “By and away this was Michele’s glitteriest Gucci collection yet. There were sparkling glasses, tights, hoods, and jewelry, and outfits made of shimmering floral brocades. This season, you can really be your own disco ball.”

This is the epitome of glitter, and I’m here for it.

Featured image via Instagram.