We spoke to the best friends who spied on each other’s dates in moustaches and they’re really cute

Dawsyn and Georgia BFF 4 lyfe

Obviously we all want our best friend’s dates to go well, because they’re precious and beautiful and deserve the world. But aside from sending the obvious “text me if he doesn’t look like his pictures” and calling them pretending to be their mum when it goes bad, we don’t go over and beyond to make sure that happens.

Best friends Dawsyn and Georgia however, they go over and beyond. Earlier this week Dawsyn tweeted a picture of her friend sitting behind her date in a moustachiod disguise to make sure it goes well. You’ve probably seen it by now, it’s been retweeted and liked nearly a million time.

The date did go well, as Dawsyn confirmed the next day, and everyone immediately fell in love with the girls and their friendships – cue thousands of articles about how they are “friendship goals”. The 18 and 19-year-olds, both from Dallas Texas, said the stunt was part of their silly brand of humour.

Speaking to babe Dawsyn said: “We love to mess around with each other. It’s been crazy though, we never expected it to go this viral.”

“It’s been really strange”, Georgia agreed. “We have a really similar sense of humour and we’re always laughing together, but we’ve never done anything like this. Usually it’s just funny text messages, nothing to this extent.”

And they avoided it being realistically just a bit creepy – Georgia left quickly on the actual date, they said, and was even able to laugh about it before leaving. She said: “I only stayed for about 10 minutes. I didn’t say much to him though, Dawsyn and I just sort of looked at him and laughed and then I left.”

So it’s good that he wasn’t left out of the joke, even though he’ll never be as close to Dawsyn as Georgia is. Obviously.

UPDATE: There has not been a second date yet.