A short selection of feminist tattoos that will make you immediately want to get inked

Do it

It used to be (unfairly) a taboo but more and more women are embracing the tattoo life – in fact a recent study from 2012 found that nowadays women are more likely to have ink than men (59 per cent of women compared to 41 per cent of men).

In a culture where women’s bodies are increasingly policed, for what we wear, our contraceptive decisions and how “ladylike” we appear, young women are using body art, especially tattoos, to do more than just decorate themselves, but to make a political statement. And if you’re going to use your body to embrace a political statement, then why not feminism? If these examples show anything it’s that it looks fucking cool.

Save a screenshot and take it to your local tattoo shop immediately.

WOMEN IN S O L I D A R I T Y* my new addition missing nyc a lot today, but I always have a little piece of the city with me now..

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Så jag åker hem med den här bejben på min arm. 😍💪🏻✨ #uppitywomenunite #feministtattoo

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It's all about equal rights 🔥Obrigada, Ana, foi ótimo te tatuar novamente! 🖤

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Segunda tattoo 💘 Essa cliente maravilhosa é a @dustymothh e eu tô toda boba de ter tatuado essa linda!

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Just a friendly reminder 😇🔪thank you Shawnee!!

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in love w this #feministtattoo 😍(pc: @ladyvoldehurt )

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Merci Alexandra! #veenom #veenom_bleunoir #bleunoir #bleunoirtattoo #frida #fridakahlo

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Fresh 👌 . . #pussyriot #feminism #art #tattoo #witchcraft #snakeandtigertattoo #feministart #feministtattoo

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