Revealed: Researchers have figured out the courses most likely to leave you unemployed

Good news if you’re a vet, bad news if you study CompSci

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Get kids coding, they said. Technology is the future, they said. Go to uni and study Computer Science and build your own tech firm, they said. You’ll definitely get a job, they said. Well, they were wrong.

Research has shown Computer Science students are the most likely to be left unemployed with six months of finishing university, with 9.4 per cent of grads not in further study or in a job. They were swiftly followed up by the clever kids at school who studied Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology and Physics, at 7.3 per cent.

There’s no surprise that vets, medics and doctors are all the most employable. Hardly any of them don’t end up in a job. They’re followed by people studying Education.

The stats – from the Higher Education Statistics Agency and compiled in our lovely table below – show humanities subjects have a generally lower percentage of grads left on the dole. This could be explained by more of them continuing their studies. The stats also take into account any type of employment, be it brain surgeon or bartender, but if you go travelling you’re unemployed.