Guys it’s almost PANCAKE DAY and that’s the only thing to remember about today

Nothing else to see here carry on as normal

Happy February 14th! So much to celebrate!

It is, as you know, halfway through the month of February – very exciting of course, for people who work on a monthly salary, nearly time for pay day, ha ha ha! It is also two weeks exactly until my dad’s birthday, happy birthday pops! Most importantly on February 14th it is almost Pancake Day!

Ah yes Pancake Day, the most fulfilling day of the year. Also known as Shrove Tuesday, this year Pancake Day takes place on the 28th February – just two weeks away! – and will be really lovely. It’s the day before Ash Wednesday obviously, which marks the start of Lent in the run up to Easter, all exciting religious holidays.

Think only of Pancake Day today as you look at your newsfeed, all clogged with chocolates and prosecco and cheap red roses (they’re £3 each in Sainsbury’s, how romantic) and engagement pictures, all glinting cubic zirconia and “I said yes!” and fingers which don’t really fit the ring and why is it always in a fucking park. Don’t think of anything else but Pancake Day. Lovely, fluffy pancakes, yum yum yum.

Here is a tip: you shouldn’t make your pancake batter in advance, because if left too long, the flour will absorb too much liquid!

So yes, it’s nearly Pancake Day. Nothing else to see here. Nothing more spectacular or exceptional about today.

Carry on as normal.