Revealed: The most tragic hometown club in the country, as voted by you

28,000 of you voted for what you think is the best worst club in the UK

Two weeks ago, we once again asked you that all-important question: what’s the most tragic hometown club in the country?

Now, after almost 30,000 of you voted, we can announce 2017’s winner: Yates on the Isle of Wight.

Yates won the competition with a massive 2,107 votes, miles ahead of second place Tramps in Worcester (1,745 votes) and third place Acapulco in Halifax (1,347 votes).

Rounding out the top five were Club International in Falmouth in fourth place (1,245 votes) and Bedrocks in Berwick-upon-Tweed in fifth (1,170 votes).

Yates was lauded in the competition for being “sticky, grimy, and filled with 18-year-olds or anyone over the age of 35 who’s desperate for an ‘easy pull.’

“It reeks of desperation, but has somehow been the only bar (if you can call it that) to ever survive on the Island.”

Patsie Gorman, who nominated Yates for the trophy in the first place, said: “I’m over the moon – but a bit terrified, I won’t lie. I honestly think I’m blacklisted from Yates now.

“I think it’s fabulous that it’s won, though. It’ll mean the island will either embrace it and get some coverage – or up their game and make it better than it is!”

This year’s least tragic club was Havana in St Albans, with only 28 votes. Inn on the Green in Enfield had only 41 votes, closely followed by Nu Bar in Loughton with 44.

Some important analyses from elsewhere in the results: Pryzm in Kingston was voted worse than Pryzm in Watford by only one place, with a mere 28 votes separating them. Roof in Bridgend was the only non-English club to make the top 30.

Last year’s winner, Winkers in Chalfont St Peter, came in at 15th with only 556 votes – while last year’s second and third place, Casino in Guildford and Batchwood in St Albans, came in at 9th and 13th with a respective 762 and 570 votes.

You can see the top 50 below:

1. Yates on the Isle of Wight (2,107 votes)

2. Tramps in Worcester (1,745 votes)

3. Acapulco in Halifax (1,347 votes)

4. Club International in Falmouth (1,245 votes)

5. Bedrocks in Berwick-upon-Tweed (1,170 votes)

6. VODKA in Winchester (883 votes)

7. Kasbah in Coventry (858 votes)

8. Vibe in Peterlee (774 votes)

9. Casino in Guildford (762 votes)

10. MooMoo Clubrooms in Cheltenham (760 votes)

11. The Buttermarket in Shrewsbury (758 votes)

12. Sin & Bushwackers in Worcester (732 votes)

13. Batchwood in St Albans (570 votes)

14. Corporation in Sheffield (560 votes)

15. Winkers in Chalfont St Peter (556 votes)

16. Emma’s in Gosport (545 votes)

17. Camel Club in Huddersfield (510 votes)

18. Establishment in Widnes (483 votes)

19. Rosies in Chester (466 votes)

20. Hustle in Lancaster (461 votes)

21. Cuba in Plymouth (438 votes)

22. Roof in Bridgend (437 votes)

23. Smack in Leamington Spa (426 votes)

24. Illusions in Sunderland (414 votes)

25. Couture in Stafford (411 votes)

26. Pryzm in Kingston (399 votes)

27. Pryzm in Watford (371 votes)

28. Flex in Bury St Edmunds (370 votes)

29. Club Cookies in Dunstable (360 votes)

30. Cameo in Eastbourne (322 votes)

31. Oceana in Southampton (321 votes)

32. Viper Rooms in Harrogate (318 votes)

33. Moo Moo in Tunbridge Wells (315 votes)

34. The Kirkhouse in Merthyr Tydfil (314 votes)

35. The Waterfront in Norwich (305 votes)

36. Shellys in Horsham (298 votes)

37. Fever in Aylesbury (279 votes)

38. The Purple Turtle in Reading (264 votes)

39. Dusk in Stirling (261 votes)

40. Club NEO in Yeovil (257 votes)

41. The Quay in Blyth (256 votes)

42. The Diamond Tap in Newbury (251 votes)

43. Tokyo in Huddersfield (250 votes)

44. Fusion in Tunbridge Wells (246 votes)

45. Atik in Windsor (244 votes)

46. SLVR in Croydon (239 votes)

47. Evoque in Preston (238 votes)

47. Thirst in Oxford (238 votes)

49. Music Box in St Ives (233 votes)

50. The Outback on the Isle of Man (216 votes)

Think your hometown club should have won? Tell us why in the comments.