Ooh ah, just a little bit, ooh ah, the clubbers of the week

The girls who bullied you at school are in this

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Have you got a date? Haha, you loser! I’ve got loads!

Something else I’ve got loads of is entries in this week’s Clubbers of the Week – so while we’re both here waiting, here’s a few pictures of some people in nightclubs around the country getting absolutely mortal.

School leavers’ day of the week

Lads let’s all get wankered before we get grounded for bombing in our GCSEs!!!

£10? £5? I promise they’ve barely been worn

Seriously man I didn’t realise how much drinks were in here

At least two of these men are pretending to hold drinks

Comment your guesses below for a prize

Bet he’s not

Seriously I don’t even think it’s a real job

David Cameron’s son is all grown up, and he’s going to Cambridge!

Here’s a tenner and a lighter – you know what to do

When you think it’s a good idea to sneak into the club via the fireplace


Fuck you, dad, I’m running away with the prince of the elves!

Together we will cavort in perfumed forest clearings!

Is that a cricket ball in his chinos or is he just pleased to see you?

Seriously though that guy is massive plz don’t beat me up

Please, God, let me get out of here alive

These women… they’re animals…

When you’re so busy dancing that you don’t realise someone’s shaving your head

My gorgeous flaxen locks!

The asteroid is coming! All of Earth is doomed!

Let us make love before the world burns

A pictorial representation of my love life

I’m the donut

This man is fingering fairies

That is all

Can someone PLEASE set these two up


For both their sakes

When the DJ doesn’t turn up so you just stick a mannequin behind the decks

No-one will suspect a thing

When your mate dies on your night out but sesh is life

No man left behind

When you’re trying to DJ but The Tab just published Clubbers of the Week

lol gonna tag all my mates