These illustrations sum up the chaotic beauty of getting ready for a girls’ night out

‘No but really does this pic look candid enough’

No girls’ night out is the same, but when it comes to getting ready for one, similar things crop up every time. Getting annoyed at your friend who tries on 20 outfits and ends up in the one she arrives in, getting drunk and deciding you’re really good at winged eyeliner or waiting to hear “THE UBER’S HERE” until you down every last drop of your wine. In illustrated form, here are the key moments of getting ready for a girls’ night out.

Your friend tries on your clothes and looks better in them than you

Once you’re already drunk, you decide there’s no time like now to apply a full face of makeup

You’ll be forced into taking 100 ‘candid’ shots of your friend

Your friends who never buy cigarettes turn into chain-smokers

When it comes to group shots every single girl freezes in this pose:

Someone shows up really, really late. But at least she brought her wardrobe with her

Your best mate sneaks off and tries to call her ex

Everyone waits until “TAXI’S HERE” to down their drinks as if they’ll never get another

There’s one girl on the brink of not making it out

And one who doesn’t make it out at all

Illustrations by Daisy Bernard, copyright of Tab Media.