A live tarantula, bathroom scales and a toy snake: A selection of the absolute worst Valentine’s Day gifts

They’ll make you glad you’re single tbh

Getting arrested after a fight in a restaurant, finding out they were being cheated on – and ending up in hospital are among Brits’ biggest Valentine’s Day disasters.

Millions have been left disappointed by a lacklustre February 14, but more than one in 10 went as far as to say the traditional day of love ended up as a total disaster. Some of the worst-ever gifts included a tin of baked beans, a live tarantula, an ironing board cover and a plastic toy sheep.

One man tried to be romantic by decorating the stairs with flower petals to surprise his partner, but slipped on a petal and ended up in A&E. A woman endured a candlelit dinner with her other half just minutes after discovering he was cheating on her – with her best friend. And another had to bail her husband out after a fight broke out in a restaurant – he was arrested after he tried to break it up.

The poll of 2,000 UK adults was conducted by Beaverbrooks the Jewellers revealed that 56 per cent of women have been disappointed by a partner’s efforts on Valentine’s Day compared to just 25 per cent of men. And while women’s dream gifts include jewellery, flowers and chocolate or a nice night out, many have been left disappointed after receiving kitchenware, a novelty present or clothes in the wrong size.

One in five women have resorted to organising their own Valentine’s date, or even buying their own card or gift because they knew their partner wouldn’t make the effort.

Lorna Haddon, diamond ring and jewellery buyer at Beaverbrooks, said: “For many couples, Valentine’s Day is an important event in the calendar and can be a great excuse to enjoy a rare date night together. But judging by some of the stories, it’s no wonder women are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to Valentine’s Day planning – from picking the perfect gift to booking their own ‘surprise’ celebrations.”

Top 20 worst Valentine’s Day gifts

1. A tin of baked beans
2. A live tarantula
3. An ironing board cover
4. A plastic sheep
5. A desk tidy
6. A car frost cover
7. A tyre pump
8. A tea bag
9. Bathroom scales
10. A watering can fitting
11. A screwdriver set
12. A wheelbarrow
13. A bike pedal
14. A sausage roll
15. A pack of cigarettes
16. A toy snake
17. Shaving foam
18. Dead flowers
19. A colander
20. A torch

Top 10 reasons women are disappointed by their partner’s efforts:

1. They didn’t get a card
2. They just generally didn’t put much effort in
3. They didn’t get a present
4. They got me a present which they hadn’t put any real thought into
5. They forget about it
6. They didn’t take me out for the evening
7. They got me a present I didn’t like
8. They started a row with me on the day
9. They went out with their friends to the pub
10. They thought their partner was going to propose and they didn’t

Featured image illustration by Juliette Hayt.