Vote for the UK’s most eligible bachelorette

Let’s hear it for the gals

After a gruelling and hotly contested few weeks of various heats, rounds and finals, the results are finally in to find your most eligible bachelorette.

Here are the best of the beautiful bunch in all their glory.

Flo Robinson, Manchester

She’s described as a corker, and it’s hard to argue with that. 20-year-old Cheshire babe Flo has been dreaming of this day for years, after admitting: “I knew I wouldn’t be blessed with intellectual success or great fortune, so this is the next best thing.” She’s hoping this recent result can provide her with her perfect man – a cheeky chap with a nice smile – to whom she would provide with her hidden talent – foot massages.

Holly Morris, Cardiff

This 21-year-old Medic stunner calls herself “Cardiff’s #1 Social Butterfly”, and who can blame her after being a BNOC with her the uni hockey club and Astronomy Society. Described as having an “uncomfortable to watch mating ritual” in the SU, Holly would enjoy her victory with a few glasses of red wine, which apparently make her very loosey-goosey, for any guy interested.

Carys Elwiss-Hough, Manchester

This 19-year-old beaut has her priorities right, motivated to win this competition so someone can “keep her warm in bed without having to pay the heating bill”. The sporty, sassy and smiley Carys has done it all, from picking on bouncers to earning a grade eight singing award. But at the end of the day, she just wants a 5ft 10 guy who makes her laugh.

Isabella Mears, Newcastle

We may not know entirely what Agri-Business Management is, but we sure know why she’s made this list. Eye-catching Issy from Lancashire is hoping this award can land her the pretty boy she’s always wanted, but warns them to keep things exciting should they wish to come visit the 18-year-old in Castle Leazes.

Annabel Smith, Leeds

If you’ve got a Nandos discount card and a love of chicken nuggets, watch out for Leeds’ hottie Annabel. This first team cheer squad legend will be partying hard after this result, and has already acquired the availability of the winning bachelor at Leeds, although she isn’t looking for a long term relationship. Sorry lads.

Meg Manganaro, Cardiff

VK-loving Meg will be taking selfies galore in Glam Monday following this result, as well as utilising her Mary Berry baking skills to whip up a celebratory cake in her honour. When you’re described as a wonderful friend, uncanny banter and the sassiest gal in Cardiff, you know you’re going to go far, and she’s done just that.

Zoe Ball, Leeds

Charming Zoe doesn’t just do Human Physiology – she loves a good night on the town. She also makes a bloody good first impression, which is exactly why her friends think she’s the bachelorette of all bachelorettes. Bring her home to the family and you may find her asleep on the loo cleaning her teeth, apparently. Whatever she’s done, she’s always had a “ball”.

Kate Toronjadze, UWE

Kate her thinks she’s the special one, and enjoys nothing more than to be wined and dined at a lush restaurant. But if that’s off the cards, then a night out on the town is the next best thing. Oh and she likes horses.

Anna Simpson, Durham

She loves a good joke does Anna, but this nomination ain’t no rib tickler. The eye-catching fresher is hoping that this success can boost her chances of landing the perfect man, but she has pretty specific taste, suggesting her perfect guy should own a purple blazer. You know what to ask in your stockings boys.

Marina Vidal, Newcastle

Newcastle’s answer to a mouth watering bachelorette comes in the form of this Business and French student – Marina. An 18-year-old toon girl with a Spanish background, this stunner has warned any guy she meets up with she “doesn’t need a spoonful of sugar to swallow you”.

Hilaire Wong, Durham

If you love puns, you can’t go ‘wong’ with Hottie Hilaire, who thinks her chat is so borderline average that it’s “hilaire-rious”. And she’s not picky, suggesting that a guy with a heartbeat would suffice. This guy would probably be treated to a Zumba dance routine to Tay-Tay’s ‘Shake It Off’. What’s not to like?

Eliza, Sussex

Elegant Eliza from Sussex has stolen the headlines with her nomination. The 19-year-old’s obsession with History of Art means a cheeky bit of museum and chill is up for grabs in her books, but taking her out for a slap-up meal may be a bit tricky as she’s “allergic to every-fucking-thing”. Oh, and her flat have a dildo.

Lydia Rafferty Flynn, UWE 

Described by one friend as “the tallest, prettiest and weirdest girl I have ever met”, luscious Lydia is UWE’s answer to their perfect bachelorette. She’s looking for a bachelor who will “sit on Brandon Hill with loads of blankets and a picnic to sit and watch the sun go down”, but admitted to taking a fancy to UWE’s bachelor nominee Ross. If you’re reading this mate…

Nicole Jeffries, Newcastle

It is fair to assume that a lot more guys will be concerned with their dental hygiene after this dentistry darling also sent shockwaves around Newcastle. With a simplistic chat-up line of “Hey guys, it’s Nicole!”, this 18-year-old is clearly taken, so she can only fix your broken teeth, and not your broken hearts.

Olivia Evans, UWE

Aussie babe Olivia believes her spirit animal is a panther, and is on the prowl for a night where she can get dressed up with a guy who embraces his more mature side. She is also a lover of spending the night in with that special someone, who she hopes can be Dan Dunne from UWE’s bachelor series.