Worst year ever? Not if these clubbers have anything to say about it!

Forget Brexit and feast your eyes on the best clubbers of the whole of 2016

Should all the clubbers be forgot, and never brought to mind? We publish every week, we do, and they’re always looking fine.

The end of the year is a time for reflection, and there’s a lot of important things to reflect on. But amid the Brexits and the Trumps and the Selasi-not-winning-Bake-Offs, let’s not pretend it was all bad.

Here’s a look back at some of the best clubbers in the UK we’ve featured in the last year. Think of it as a toast to 2017, to the old friends we’ll keep and the new friends we’ll make, and to the clubbers who’ll pound Jäger after Jäger through it all.

PE teacher of the year

Mr Jenkin, you’re meant to stay away from the sixth formers

Guy most confused that he’s pulled in an LV scarf

This wasn’t supposed to happen

It’s meant to go up your nose, mate

Pikachu gets it

Most useful therapy session of the year

So when was the last time you said you loved each other?

The day our son was born

BONUS ROUND: The year’s most clueless DJs

So I just press the buttons yeah?

I don’t want to be a DJ – I want to be a DANCER

When the headliner doesn’t turn up so the bouncer has to step in

Bloody ‘ell, I forgot all me music!

When your mates are road but you’re just too polite

I have my mum as a friend on Facebook

Exam invigilator of the year

Calculators under desks, please

Harry Potter and the potential foursome

He’ll be showing them his Nimbus 3000

BONUS ROUND: Men holding up invisible shopping bags

Clobber of the week

The face of a man who’s experienced Black Friday

What a haul!

Bet you wish you hadn’t dumped me now Dan


This man is lactose intolerant

Moving swiftly on

Omg Aaron shall we play some Pitbull?

We’re totally gonna do it, we’re totally gonna play some Pitbull

When you’re meant to be DJing but the ASOS sale starts at midnight

Got my eye on some sweet ass deck shoes

BONUS ROUND: Men who have definitely, 100 per cent not committed any crimes

No officer, we haven’t seen any stolen vehicles

I haven’t heard anything about any vandalism, sir

Murder, officer? Wouldn’t know anything about that

An offering! For the Lord of Light!

Do not destroy us with your unfeeling fire, sweet Lord!

Sleepiest clubber of the year

When you’re wearing a tiny yellow backpack but still manage to pull

Must be the lid

BONUS ROUND: Men in regional nightclubs wearing jumpers which are too tight

If Brexit was a human being

South Thanet make some noooooooiiiiisssse

Oh, and if you’re looking for wankers, here’s


Swear we’ve seen these guys before?

Oh yeah

Me when I put on one of your mum’s T-shirts

l o l

Think you’ve had a bad 2016?

Anyway, got to go – I’ve pulled the bouncer

See you next year I guess