Let’s be real, getting ready is clearly the best part of a night out

No bar can top free booze, solid tunes and zero creepers

Getting ready for a night out is heaps better than actually going out, and I’m pretty sure almost every girl will agree with that. Living with only guys, I’ve come to realize that this is not something that a typical man understands. And why would they? They just throw on a shirt, put some wax in their hair and they’re off, looking for the nearest available beer to down and girl to chat up. But it is just not the same for girls. For us, getting ready involves makeup, pampering, girly chats, wine and usually a fashion show with multiple outfit changes, so why wouldn’t we want to make it as much fun as possible? Here are all the reasons why getting ready at home with the girls is way more fun than the actual night out.

You get to pick the music

This alone is a massive selling point for making getting ready into some extravagant event. Typical club music involves a lot of Drake, Justin Bieber and techno dance stuff that all mixes together and sounds like one endless, mindless song on loop. At home, in your bedroom, with your own Spotify account and speakers, it’s a whole other story. If you want to blast out a bit of Tay Swift, follow it up with some Bowie and then top it all off with — like the delicious cherry on top of an ice cream sundae — selections from the High School Musical soundtrack, then knock yourself out. No one’s stopping you and no one’s judging you.

Your dancing doesn’t have to impress any guys

At the club or in a bar, even if you’re not looking for a hook up, you are always acutely aware of how you look to other people.  That is if you even have space to dance — most of the time clubs are so packed, you can hardly find any room to stand. And if they’re not, then what are you even doing there? Dancing in your bedroom is so much more fun. You can bust out even your most ambitious moves — channeling your inner Emma Stone –without fear of judgement. Just with maybe a few giggles from the people you’re getting ready with.

There’s no endless queues to get a new drink

Can you think of a bar that will serve you a drink quicker than it takes you to walk over to your desk or kitchen and pour one out for yourself? No? Didn’t think so. And it’s so much cheaper as well. It’s really a win-win.

Bars are horrible and sweaty and ruin your makeup

With so many people packed into one room, it’s not surprising that it gets so horrible and stuffy and sweaty and just plain hot. This doesn’t make it any more enjoyable though. It’s heart-breaking to spend an hour on your hair and makeup, only to walk into a club and feel it melting down your face within two minutes. Excuse me for wanting to put off this process for as long as possible, and enjoy myself in the comfort of my own home, calm in the knowledge that I look smoking hot.

Perfect chance for a photoshoot

You don’t have to worry about creeps hitting on you and ruining your mood

The actual worst part of a night out. Need I say more? 

You can actually have a conversation and properly catch up with your BFF

Girls nights out are the best, because you don’t have to worry about guys ruining your night. It’s all about you, your BFF and the five tequila shots you both get at the bar because you don’t want to be weighed down by a drink on the dance floor. But you can have just as many drinks in your room, with music the two of you will have been dancing to for years, at a volume where you can actually hear each other speak.

Good picture quality does not exist in clubs

You’ll try on so many outfits it’ll become a fashion show

The absolute best part of getting ready for a night out, no arguments. Once you’re out, you know what you’re wearing (obvs), it’s done, it’s boring. But getting ready, you can try on 101 outfits, even the shitty ones that you’d never dream of wearing but it’s just funny to show them to your mates. There’s enough outfits to rival the Victoria Secret Fashion Show — just with slightly more coverage.