2016 hasn’t been great, so here’s some dogs in Christmas outfits

It’s been a ruff year


Everyone knows this year has been awful. Everyone apart from dogs, that is. They literally have no idea. They don’t even realise how cute they look when they wear these tiny little Christmas outfits. So pure, so innocent, so small with no concept of the demise of society as we know it. So just for one moment, forget about anything bad that has happened and look at these little fluffy faces.

Pedro Evans

Molly Lewy

Fin and Mabel Searle

Tully and Teddy Jenkin (RIP)

Oliver Healey

Oreo and Yoda Nally

Freddie Morrow

Hattie Langston

Tia McDonald (she has Instagram)

Annie Dennis

Opi and Ben Davidson

Chip Campbell

Pip McMartin


Luca Reid

Lulu Kaplan

Jack Bernard

Sushi Langston