Have yourself some weekly little clubbers

Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but this week some people went clubbing

I wish it could be clubbers every week. I mean, all I want for Christmas is the clubbers of the week! Erm… it’s the most clubberful time of the week?

Look, there’s only a couple of hours before I clock off for the year, and I’m trying to make it work. So Merry Christmas, hallelujah, and a happy new clubbers of the week.

Vegetarian of the week

So they’re made with tallow, which is actually derived from beef fat

Well there was actually only one North Star so

This is definitely not canon

Does ‘Shabangover’ mean a Nando’s quarter chicken?

‘Cos that’s what these lads are getting after a night on the lash!

When the bouncer catches you stealing bottles of Ciroc

Haha ’tis the season amirite

Erm sorry to disturb you buddy but you’re actually missing the cup

Who hurt you, man? Who made you like this?

I can’t, you don’t have any arms

Lol because it looks like she doesn’t

Wait, Santa wants me to guide his sleigh tonight!?

And to think, all the other reindeers would laugh and call me names



When you’re trying to hide your Hotline Bling jumper cos that’s a last year meme

We can see right through you

Ew but he’s eaten so many Wotsits

He gonna taste cheesy

The urban fox in its natural habitat

An estimated 33,000 now inhabit our towns and cities

Don’t do it mate, she shares fake news on Facebook

You’re making the alt-wrong decision

My face when I think about my rugby initiation

So many bodily fluids

When you see Good King Wenceslas and want to be his Feast of Stephen

Who wouldn’t want to see him laying roundabout, clean and crisp and even

This is really impressive until you realise it’s maple syrup

It’ll hit his mouth in five

They’re gonna freak out when they see the Death Star has turned up

Did you see what that thing did to Alderaan?

This man is scared of the word ‘Rascals’

Tbf who isn’t

Haha this guy’s jumper says ‘Wrangle my Gulls’

Wait, it says what?