It’s official, Liverpool is the best place for a girls night out in the UK

They love it

It’s a question that’s dogged us from the beginning of time – yes you probably have a good night out, but do you have the absolute best night out. Well luckily, now we know.

We asked you to vote for the definitive location for a girls’ night out in the UK and Liverpool, home of screaming scousers, false eyelashes and absolute mad ones in Heebies, came out on top. 17 per cent of you brought Liverpool to well-deserved victory.

Cardiff came in a close second with 16 per cent of the vote, while Manchester came in third with 13 per cent.

Down at the other end of the scale was poor Cambridge, who came, unsurprisingly, in last place with just 10 votes. Durham came second to last with just two per cent of the vote. Shocker.