Revealed: Every university to have banned a newspaper from its campus

And a handy map to boot


As of the New Year, “hateful, non-factual and anti-scientific” tabloids newspapers will no longer be on sale in Plymouth University’s campus shop.

The ban is part of a gradual, wider trend across the UK’s universities and their censorious unions.  Moronic comedians, appropriative sombreros and, more ambiguously, “page 3” have all felt the ban hammer.

The traditionally right-wing national media is the latest focal point of their attention. While campus culture has been ahead of the rest of the country, campaigns like Stop Funding Hate have intensified pressure and drawn national attention to a slew of negligible headlines in the wake of the migrant crisis and Brexit.

Based on our own coverage at university campuses we built the map below, charting each university to have banned a newspaper from its vendors. We also included London’s City University who, despite not selling the Sun or the Daily Mail anywhere on campus, have banned both.

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