How dodgy was your comprehensive school?

Three layers of makeup, extra-short skirt and that Hollister bag with the shirtless surfer on it

Not long ago, we had a chat about what it’s like to go to a slightly dodgy comprehensive school. You know, not a really bad one, but not a great one either – your run of the mill, Waterloo Road, Inbetweeners-style crap British institution.

If you’re here, you no doubt think your school fell under this umbrella. Rickety temporary classroom-huts? Check. Flimsy, drafty windows you’d break in PE lessons? Check. Desks lined with stale gum and bathroomceilings plastered with wadded soapy toilet paper? Double check.

But not all comprehensives can covet the “slightly dodgy” title, and even fewer can claim to be full-on dodgy. Take our quiz below to find out where yours falls.