Fila has been voted the worst trend of 2016

It is official

In a recent Tab poll we asked you what trends need to be left in 2016, and 33 per cent of you voted for Fila.

With 2639 votes, it came just ahead of chokers with 1,702 votes, and bum bags in third place with 1,108.

This year we have said Goodbye to a lot of Greats: Bowie, Prince and Snape, Britain’s relationship with Europe and America’s relationship with the rest of the world. But as a new year approaches, why not chuck some of the other shit that this cursed year brought us whilst we have a chance?

Fila like other luxury, overpriced athleisure has been one of the most ridiculous looks of the year. It has been quietly providing the PE teachers of the world a uniform since 1911, and made a break through into the mainstream around the same time every one kinda gave up with putting effort into fashion and defaulted to sportswear for its comfort and ease.

It has possibly been one of the most shameful, derided moments in British fashion history.

When it was stocked by Urban Outfitters, it was publicly labelled as one of the wavy garms people everywhere should buy and sell on Depop for double the price. Sure, Fila had its moment, but let’s leave it at that. A moment.