10/10 would recommend the clubbers of the week to a friend

Are we human? Or are we dancers?


The seasons come and go but the clubbers of the week, they never change.

Collector of avian souls of the week

Ducks go to hell too

The age of men is over

The time of the girl gang has come

Most unorthodox chin of the week

Oh wait

A bear has seen the beginning and the end, the creation and the rapture, nirvana and eternal suffering

But he wants you to have a good time

Guillotine choke of the week

You need to go Gable grip if you want to get the tap there bro

Meek tattoo customer of week

“Yeah, so I’ll just carry this little number up onto your face okay mate?”

Shaman of the week

When I summon Cthulu, the clubbers of the week will know true fear

Ted Bundy of the week

I’m pretty sure he’s killed

Bonus Film and TV crossovers round

Starsky and Hutch vs Football Factory

Derek from Step Brothers and Rodney Trotter doing I’m not sure what

A man with misplaced sexual enthusiasm

But aren’t you going to burn yourself Bob

Baby back ribs of the week

But what if she doesn’t want to get in your belly

The luckiest giraffe in the world

Leave him alone

Bard of the week

The prophecy foretold that if the lute of Kukundu was ever played, the world would be bathed in the fire of a thousand suns

Digital migrants of the week

No, guys, you’re meant to put your thumb on the home button to unlock the phone

Squad of the week

You guys don’t get it do you