There is now an app for students who are too scared to ask questions in lectures

Anonymous queries are now an option for increasingly nervous students

There’s a new app which allows students to anonymously ask questions in a lecture because they find the environment too intimidating.

Over half of Russell Group universities plan to introduc Meetoo for nervous students, an app that allows the shyer students to pose questions to their lecturer without raising their hand. By using the new technology on a phone, students can now send a mid-lecture text message with their queries. The message then appears anonymously at the front of the lecture theatre for the lecturer to address.

With lecture theatres often being filled with hundreds of people, many students have said they’re delighted at the new app. It has been described as a “non-intimidating” way of learning that is more inclusive and conducive to debate and discussion.  Over 80 per cent of the students questioned in The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) agreed that the app made things easier. Students at Bedfordshire, Chester, Coventry and Southampton are also using the app already.

UCLan physics lecturer Tina Gornall told The Times: “In my experience, students enjoy testing themselves in a non-intimidating way. As profiles can remain anonymous there was no naming and shaming. “And it’s useful for me to see which topics need more work so I can think of different ways to approach these in the future.”

The technology can also be used by lecturers to conduct snap quizzes and polls while in the lecture. Lumi have said that communicating digitally has increasingly become “the way of the world”.

However, others have stressed that the introduction of this application is yet another move away from one on one interaction, and reinforce safe spaces around ‘snowflake’ students. With fees now increasing beyond £9,000 for a world class education, many people have expressed distress at the thought that they are too nervous or intimidated to pose questions.