Obviously Joe Biden is the most swiped Democrat on Tinder

Who wouldn’t?

I bet you thought that the young Joe Biden hysteria had reached fever pitch and now it would die down, didn’t you? Well you would be wrong. In order to test scientifically how thirsty people are for what is disturbingly being named the “political succ”, we created an ideal-world Tinder of hot young Democrats.

From Yung Joe to Ivy League Barack to Hot Damn Tim Kaine, we ranked them all. And unsurprisingly, Joe came out on top. Over 4,000 people swiped right on Daddy Biden, followed by JFK with 3,200. Ted Bundy lookalike (but still hot) young Tim Kaine was third with 3,100 fans.

Hillary’s less-than-loyal beloved Bill didn’t do so well, coming in third to last place with less than 1,000 swipes. But he didn’t do nearly as badly as the two ovary-shrivelling Republicans we snuck in there. Mike Pence was second to last, beaten only by universal libido killer with the face of a thumb, President Elect Donald Trump.

He only got 200 votes. Weirdly he also didn’t get the most votes on November 8th but somehow he’s still gonna be President. Weird, right?