There’s a new way to find your ideal job after uni

What a time to be alive


This can be one of the most hellish times of year – when you’re expected to find your first job after uni in the space of a couple of months, at the same time as revising and (laughably) trying to have a life. Unless you’re a masochist, you’re sick of trawling the internet and filling out applications for jobs you might not even want.

However, a new graduate jobs service can save those wasted hours by filtering down search results to only show opportunities directly relevant to you.

Headhunter takes your personal information and intelligently matches it with the latest grads jobs, then sends them to you in a weekly email.

By using a combination of your personal and career interests to ensure, you should only match with jobs that could genuinely be the first job of your career.

Use Headhunter to find your first job after uni

There are more career opportunities available today than ever before: according to High Fliers Research, in 2016 there was a seven per cent increase in the number of graduate jobs available. This is obviously a good thing – there’s nothing fun about being funemployed – but it means there’s more work looking online to find something that interests you.

Hugh, a 24 year old King’s graduate who works in marketing, knows only too well how overwhelming the choices for job hunters are:

“When I was at uni, I didn’t know exactly where I wanted to work and I had to spend hours trawling job sites just to find one role I liked the look of. It was exhausting.

“It took me months of fruitless research before I found my first job – I’d have killed to simplify the process.”

Thanks to the targeted nature of Headhunter’s job sourcing, you can get jobs you really want straight away, avoiding the time-consuming experiences grads like Hugh have gone through.

Use Headhunter to find your first job after uni

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