M&S’ Mrs Claus is the Christmas heroine we’ve all been waiting for

She’s a badass

Behind every great man, stands an even greater woman, as M&S have made apparent in their new Christmas ad. Finally, the woman is freed from the commercial confines of the kitchen.

We are presented with a fresh perspective on Mrs Claus: this year she is at centre-stage when a little boy writes to her, instead of her husband.

The minute Santa sets off from the North Pole on his sleigh, she sets into motion, a glint in her eye. She flings open her wardrobe and in contrast to her formerly dowdy portrayal, she selects a pristine red ensemble, complete with black leather gloves. And no, she isn’t wearing the little red bustier and skirt that googling “Mrs Claus outfit” would lead you to believe.

But the ad really kicks off when she jumps onto her snowmobile.

But that’s not it, oh no. She’s using the snowmobile to navigate icy tunnels to reach her helicopter.

Did anyone ever write to Mrs Claus asking for a gift? I know I didn’t – but if I had, she’d have delivered it by flying in a red helicopter.

On arriving at the little boy’s house, she subtly glances at the chimney, before shaking her head with bemusement.

Once inside, present under the tree, she shoots a look at the Tiger the dog, hushing him with one leather-clad finger to her lips.

M&S explain on their website, “Mrs Claus would rather not be famous”. She gets shit done, but dgaf about the acknowledgement.

Like countless women every year, Mrs Claus is quietly saving the day and refusing to make a fuss. She is a badass, fearless and flawless.

According to Boots’ much celebrated ad, which recognises working women at Christmas: “Every year, around half a million women sacrifice their Christmas Day to support their communities, whether it’s paramedics, firefighters, volunteers, nurses or carers”.

Santa comes home to find her reclining on the sofa – as if nothing has happened – ’50 shades of Red’ resting upon her chest.

“How was your night?”, Santa asks her at the end. “Oh, you know, quiet.”