Life in your twenties, as told by the bobcat from last night’s Planet Earth

He is all of us versus the world

Life in your twenties can be pretty tough at times. With work pressure and rent pressure and social media pressure from all angles, sometimes it feels like your life is just an endless series of faceplants into the cold, wet earth.

So is it any surprise that so many viewers felt they’d found their kindred spirit when the unfortunate bobcat debuted on last night’s Planet Earth? The internet was set ablaze with people saying they felt an affinity with the poor feline, a mascot for the struggles we face on a day-to-day basis.

The bobcat is all of us, and in our lowest moments he teaches us the most valuable of lessons: even when faced with a mouthful of snow and a raft of mocking ducks, what matters is being able to pick yourself up and go chase that squirrel. And your dreams.

When you finish uni full of hopes and dreams and immediately move back in with your parents

When you match someone you fancy on Bumble and they immediately unmatch you

When you apply for a great job and you’re told you need at least a year’s experience

When you meet up with your uni friends and they’re all earning three times as much as you

When you post a sick photo on Instagram and only get three likes

When you see your ex and his new girlfriend in public and manage to trip over

When you send an open invite down the group chat and no-one responds

When you find a flat you like and the landlord tells you it’s £800 a month plus bills

When you finally decide to start a diet and end up demolishing cheesy chips on day two

When you get to Pret and they’re all out of the kale macaroni cheese you like

When your paycheck comes in, but all goes out again on your rent two days later

When you work up the courage to DM your crush and get a ‘Seen, 11:31’

When you get that Friday feeling then it’s immediately Monday morning again