The 10 jobs with the biggest bonuses

After three years, you could earn £90,000-a-year


Glassdoor have released a list of the top 10 highest paying jobs for bonuses. With some bonuses being almost one third of their yearly salary, it’s not a surprise that the majority of these jobs are in the finance and business industry.

Global Account Manager – £37,000

With a median bonus of £37,000 working as a Global Account Manager has the highest bonuses. Generally making around £90,000 they are often required to have at least a bachelors degree in economics, business, or finance and three to five years of experience in the field. A Global Account Manager is in charge of innovating strategies for worldwide trade to maximise profit and to keep up to date with international trends and overall consumer demand.

Partner – £33,500

Coming in a close second, a Partner, has a median bonus of £33,500 which is only a mere one fourth of their impressive yearly £150,000. Although the job title of ‘partner’ is vague, it means that they have a shared responsibility of the companies profits and the management, be it in law or finance.

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Chief Operating Officer – £31,500

The Chief Operating Officer is in charge of everything internal in the company, for instance, looking over the employees and organising the board of directors’ meetings. This frees up executives to rally together funding and external relations. They have a yearly median salary of £152,000.

Chief Executive Officer – £30,450

A CEO is probably one of the most famous job titles out there, and rightly so. Making a median of £150,000 and yearly bonuses accumulating to around £30,450, a CEO is an important person. They are tasked with the responsibility of keeping clients, colleagues, investors and the law happy. Some of their most important responsibilities include setting a direction for the company to take, and allocating money to the priorities of the company.

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Portfolio Manager – £30,000

A Portfolio Manager either makes investment decisions for a  client, or looks after a financial institution’s assets. Yearly, they make approximately £115,000 with a yearly bonus of around £30,000.

Equity Trader – £30,000

An equity trader is responsible for analysing the conditions of the stock market, and to buy and sell shares at the right time, without making a loss in profits. The median salary for an Equity Trader is £120,938.

Broker – £27,500

Brokers often specialise in several areas, for example insurance, commodities and stocks. They confer with the client and the business, negotiating deals. Broker’s have a median yearly salary of £85,000 and a median bonus of £27,500.

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Investment Banking Associate – £25,375

Investment Banking Associates work closely with and teach Analysts, making sure everything is correctly done. They also have to organise and allocate work after having direct orders to do so by the Vice Presidents and other executives. An investment banking associate makes £100,000 a year with a median bonus of £25,375.

Trader – £25,000

A trader, although it is another vague title as to which industry they are in, is responsible for setting prices and developing trades in bonds, commodities and foreign exchange for the investment banks. On average, a trader will make £89,500 with a gathered yearly bonus of £25,000.

Account Executive – £24,000

 An Account Executive meets and discusses with the client what their advertising needs are, and then briefs the creative team who create the advert. They stay in contact with the client throughout the process, and are also vital in pitching to potential new business. Yearly an Account Executive earns £60,500 with the added bonus of £24,000.

Popular Jobs that didn’t make the top 10:

  • Bartender
    • Bonus – £7,200
    • Salary – £20,449
  • Tax Manager
    • Bonus – £5,000
    • Salary – £69,925
  • Barista
    • Bonus – £2,160
    • Salary – £16,320
  • Editor
    • Bonus – £1,800
    • Salary – £34,139
  • Customer Care Executive
    • Bonus – £1,000
    • Salary – £16,920

Find the highest paid graduate jobs in 2016

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