I tried neck contouring and – shock – no one noticed

It was an utter waste of time

Contour has been the makeup trend of 2016. It started with face and nose contouring but after that, shit went down. People started to contour their butts, toes, ears, hands, legs, boobs essentially anything you can think about – even fake abs.

Now the most recent trend is “neck contouring”. Even though I thought it seemed a bit unnecessary, I wanted to give it a go.

As I makeup addict, I love contour when its on my face – however its hasn’t become a daily routine for me yet, and I would highly doubt that it will ever become. I just like to spend a little more time on my face for special occasions.

When I first watched how to contour your neck – it seemed so easy. It wasn’t. First of all, you can’t see your back so you have to work with a mirror. That, or just trust yourself and go for it.

It took me a while to work it out. In the end, because I had been trying to blend it in completely blind, rather than a nice neck I ended up with two red lines.

So I gave it another go. I blended more gently and avoided any red lines and put my hair in a bun, which I would never normally do, so that people could see my neck more clearly.

This was the result:

NOBODY REALISED. Nobody. It made me so angry. If I spend more time on the way I look, I’d be grateful if people could actually see an effect (a compliment would be nice, too).

At the end, all I can say is: stick with face contour and don’t bother with the rest. It’s not worth it. No one mentioned my newly-contoured neck – no one.