Here’s the best dressed people on campus this week

Does anyone even read this bit? Let me know

There’s no denying that this week has been really, really shit. But you know what isn’t shit? These outfits. So let’s look at them instead.

Hannah, Leicester

Cinderella, Leicester

Xiao, Leicester

Johnny, Leicester

Natalie, Leicester

Phillipa, Liverpool

Chanda, Liverpool

Hope, Liverpool

Jude, Liverpool

Matthew and Emily, Liverpool

Perla, Liverpool

Ewelina, Sheffield

Alex, Sheffield

Helouise, Sheffield

Ellie, Birmingham

Casey, Sheffield

Stella, Sheffield

Amy, Lincoln


Georgia, Sheffield

Olivia, Ben, Sally, Sheffield

Megan, Sheffield

Jennifer, Sheffield

We couldn’t get to every campus, but if you’d like to take fashion pictures like these at your uni, email