London nightclub allegedly turned away customers ‘because they weren’t white’

High-end club DSTRKT responded by saying ‘we are not racist’

Three women have claimed they were denied entry to DSTRKT London “because they were not white.”

Donna Haymes claims she was asked to stand across the street when a doorman at the club refused her and two other black girls entry – just moments after letting two of her white friends in.

The 32-year-old was celebrating her birthday on Saturday with four friends, but after getting into the central London club, she and two others went outside to visit a cash machine.

When the trio returned to the Piccadilly Circus club minutes later, they claim a “rude” doorman said the club was full – despite letting in other white punters waiting in the queue.

The club on Rupert Street

Donna said: “It was quite embarrassing, we had turned up and joined the queue and when we got inside they said it was cash only, so three of us went to get some money and told the doorman.

“We were only gone for a couple of minutes and then they said we couldn’t come in because it’s full.

“There were people in the queue behind us laughing and the doorman was letting them in but not us.

“The doorman told us to go over to the other side of the street but my two white friends had just gone in and there was no reason why we couldn’t get in.

“They let loads of other people in, but wouldn’t let us in.

“I was really upset about it, I have never been refused entry to a club before. My friends had no issues going in, perhaps because they’re white.”

The sports therapist, from Birmingham, branded the nightclub “racist”. Her friend Sophie Cusack called it a “disgrace.”

DSTRKT have since denied being a racist nightclub. A spokesperson said: “By the time the guests came back the guestlist had been filled up.

“It was not a few minutes, we are in Piccadilly Circus and it is extremely busy on Saturday nights.

“Their two friends got refunds from the venue they left.

“We are not a racist club.”