Don’t underestimate the power and authority of a good girl gang

Aint nobody messin’ with ma clique

I will never understand the claim to boyhood fame that some girls forever claim which comes in the dubious form of ‘most of my friends are guys’ ‘or ‘there’s too much drama with girls’ or my least favourite stake ‘I just get on with boys so much better’.

These are always said with pride and the they believe it obviously makes them 10 times more desirable, cool and of course makes them far more superior than us mere lay-girls who don’t get the fad.


I first remember this ridiculous notion way back in school when Mean Girls esque cliques were rife, even in my catholic school in the countryside. Regina George, Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith all surfaced in their navy blazers and box pleat skirts just like everybody else. But to me, the strangest clique were the girls who decided that boys were better, more superior, easier to get on with. It was a form of girl on girl hate I just couldn’t understand, still can’t understand.

When we buy into the misogynistic unhelpful myth that some girls are cooler because they just “get on better with boys”, we let ourselves and other girls down. We don’t respect our fellow females like all girls should, we don’t acknowledge the life-long friendships that can be formed with a girl gang, because, simply, we forget how to be part of one.

I’m a firm believer that girl to girl friendships can never be beaten, the love we have for our friends is other worldly compared to the lads slap on the back, buy you a beer friendship. It can just never be as deep or meaningful. The girls who fail to realize this, they don’t wish to partake in sista love and in my opinion will never to get to experience this notion of a soulmate, which I can honestly say my best friends are.


It’s not as if this opinion buys into any kind of misandrist gender binary type stuff. I have plenty of guy friends who I get on with really well, most of my friends at uni are guys and there’s nothing wrong with that. The difference that I am trying to point out is that friendships between girls are far more superior, meaningful and lifelong than any friendship I’m ever going to have with any of my guy friends.

It’s like our brains run on the same wavelength and our ability to empathize and understand each other is greater. In all honesty, I can’t explain it. It’s a deep, unspoken bond.

Either that, or maybe my best mates are just the best bitches around.
gal pals